The Tail Haven offers full-day and half-day daycare passes to help keep your pup happy and entertained. While you’re away, your dog will enjoy a day full of playing and socializing under the watchful eyes of our trained staff. Safety and security come first, so you can go about your day worry-free while your dog enjoys the fun of daycare at The Tail Haven.

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What’s Included
  • Indoor-outdoor play area
  • Safe and clean campuses
  • Slow integration into our pack
  • Daily photos

In order to ensure the safety of all our dogs, we require that your dog be up to date on all shots before attending daycare. First time visitors must bring veterinary records so we can make a copy and create a file for your pooch.

When you arrive

When you and your dog arrive for their first day at The Tail Haven, you’ll be greeted by our friendly staff. Make sure and bring your dog’s vaccination records, and leave toys or treats at home (we have plenty!). We will take the time to introduce ourselves to your dog and make sure you both feel comfortable. After all, first impressions are important.

What to expect

New to our pack?

Fill out our new client form.

Your dog’s first day at The Tail Haven

During their first half-day observation, we will work at your dog’s pace to ensure they have a positive first experience at The Tail Haven. After drop off, your dog will start their slow and steady integration into our pack. Beginning in a private area, your dog will first build relationships with our staff and become comfortable with the facility before they are introduced to a small group of new canine friends. At every step of the way, we take special care to follow your dog’s lead and tailor the process to their personality

Your dogs first day
While you’re away

No matter if you’re at work, school, or running errands, you can focus on your day while your dog enjoys hours of exercise and fun in our secure indoor-outdoor play yard. If you want to check in, you can see how your dog’s day is going with daily photos.

While you're away

Missing your pup?

You’ll receive daily photos of your dog while you’re away.

Arriving for pickup

When it’s time for pickup, you’ll have the chance to talk with our staff and get a rundown of how your dog’s day went. After a day full of running, jumping, and playing with their new friends, your pup will probably be ready for a good night’s sleep!

Arriving for pickup

Daycare Pricing

Full Day
Indoor-Outdoor area with day beds, toys, and lots of friends to play with during the day. All boarding and daycare clients have full access to this area.
Half Day
Indoor-Outdoor area with day beds, toys, and lots of friends to play with during the day. All boarding and daycare clients have full access to this area.
Daycare FAQs

How old does a dog have to be to attend daycare? Is there an age limit?

We welcome dogs of all ages, ranging from puppies to seniors. Puppies must be fully vaccinated before they can attend daycare.

What vaccines are required?

Your dog must be up to date on all vaccinations, including DPP (Distemper, Parvovirus & Parainfluenza) Rabies, Leptospirosis, and Bordetella. We are also strongly recommending that all of our pups receive the Canine Influenza vaccination.

How does The Tail Haven help dogs socialize safely while at daycare?

As part of our integration process, dogs are screened for behavior. They must be friendly and neutral towards other dogs. Displays of aggression and rough play are not allowed. Our staff are trained to understand canine behavior and to ensure that the play yard remains a safe and fun environment for all.

Does my dog need to be spayed or neutered?

While we respect everyone’s right to spay or neuter your pet in your own time, having intact animals in our facility greatly impacts our environment as well as the behavior, well being, and safety of all of our K9 guests and our staff.  If your pup has not been spayed or neutered by 8 months of age the following “Special Handling” fees will apply. For everyone’s well being and safety, our current policy is to not care for intact animals over 10 months of age. If you would like to request an exception for your pup, please contact our front desk and ask to speak with Emily our owner.

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